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Vancouver Kitchenaid Appliance Repair


KitchenAid is a legendary American brand with a century of history and an impeccable reputation, widely known in the world market. The main philosophy of the Company is reliability, high performance and durability. Without exception, KitchenAid products are exemplary of innovative design and unrivaled style, taking into account current trends and meeting the tastes of the most demanding customers.

The revolutionary invention started with an idea proposed by a woman. Her name was Josephine Cochrane and she revolutionized the culinary world.

In 1886, she patented what we know today as the dishwasher. Nine of her incredible machines have been shown, sold and used in restaurants. Some were purchased for use in respectable hotels: the Baltimore in New York and the Tremor and Palmer House in Chicago. The first models cost between $ 700 and $ 1,000. Wanting to popularize her invention, Josephine adapted the machine for home use and began selling it for $ 350. It happened shortly before the death of the inventor in 1913.

Launched in 1908, the world's first industrial mixer marked the beginning of a new culinary era and heralded the home mixer that won the love of millions of housewives. The sensational launch of Planetary Mixers, crafted from the finest materials and striking designs, brought KitchenAid to the fore and has since become an official trademark.
The Kitchenaid appliances are known not only for their standalone mixers but for other large household appliances as well. Despite the brand being very reputable and known for its quality, sometimes the error might occur. It might not be your appliance's fault, however. The lights might go off and your Kitchenaid appliance is not turning on, or something absolutely unexpected happens. There is no need to worry, however, as our technicians will gladly help you with your Kitchenaid appliance. The repair might always be done at home on your own, but we suggest affordable prices and the quality of work. With our experienced technicians, there is no need to worry about your Future appliances which help so much during your daily routine.

With our company "Appliance repair service" the best masters of Vancouver will carry out urgent repairs of your equipment for you. With our company, there will be no surprises, as the technician will let you know beforehand how much exactly the repair will be. You can always consult the technician over the email with the issues you have, and they might be able to suggest a solution for you.

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