Dryer Repair 

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, We can help.

• Dryer Won't Turn On. 

• Dryer Isn't Tumbling. 

• Dryer is Burning Your Clothes.

• Dryer Isn't Heating.

• Dryer makes noise.

• Dryer overheating.

• Dryer drum not turning.

• We'll fix All Brands & Models

What our Customers Say



All Brands & Models!

The dryer serves as the yin to your washing machines yang, as drying the clothes is the other half of the battle in the process of getting your clothes fully cleaned; so if/when your dryer decides to go on the fritz you need to have our crew at Appliance24 by your side and ready to supply for you the expert dryer repair you need to get your trusty machine back into commission. Our crews know the feeling of having to go an extended period of time without a dryer, so that’s why they try to go above and beyond for our clientele by approaching each restoration that they come across with a guideline in mind that they’ve established over the course of many successful repairs. This guideline is something that’s been established through the many successful repairs we’ve had and by listening to what our clientele believe went well, and what went not so well, allowing us to set a precedent for restorations that’s centered on our clienteles needs.

Open 7 Days a Week

The first step in our process is to ensure that we’ve established a friendly rapport with the clientele that we’ll be working alongside. It’s important to our crew to understand what kind of limitations our crew may have in terms of time or space, so that we can work around them and be mindful of the clienteles needs. We like to have a clientele that’s informed about the status of their broken down machine, and what we plan on doing to get it back into commission. This’ll help put our clienteles mind at ease as they’ll be privy to the process that we’ll be following, and they’ll be able to feel comfortable with the resulting cost estimate, as there won’t be a possibility for any surprise fees or miscellaneous costs attached to the end price.

Same Day Service!

The only thing that rivals the importance of communication throughout the process of your dryer repair is the capabilities of our crew. The vast amounts of knowledge and technical expertise needed to carry out a successful restoration means that our crew needs to have extensive and comprehensive training that covers everything from the basics to the gritty details of specific dryers. These are lengths that we’ll happily go to for our clientele, as this type of thoroughness and know-how means that our crews will be able to find a solution much quicker, and save you valuable time and money on your dryer repair!