Refrigerator & Freezer Repair 

Most fridges work by cooling the freezer, then using the same cold air to cool the refrigerator. While it may seem fairly straightforward, there are a number of elements that must work in conjunction to get the temperature just right. Here are some items can go wrong with your fridge or freezer:

Ice build-up or over-freezing

• Doesn’t cool properly

• Condensation

• Leaking water

• Smells bad

• Too noisy or is making strange noises

• Ice machine malfunction

• Doesn’t work / no power

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Fridges have been a useful tool for households for a really long time as they’re able to keep our products cold and keep them from spoiling for a longer period of time. So it’s no wonder that if/when these useful machines eventually break down you need the best experts in the field in Appliance24 to come and provide refrigerator repair that’ll restore your fridge back to its former glory. What our crews have been able to accomplish in terms of refrigerator repair in the area has been nothing short of amazing, and we’ve been excited and eager to learn from our clientele after each restoration we’ve accomplished to understand what worked well and what didn’t. What we got as a result was excellent feedback that we’ve integrated into the way we do things, and from there we were able to set a precedent moving forward for better restorations that make both our clientele and our crews happy!

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We always begin by emphasizing the importance that outstanding communication skills can have over the course of our clienteles refrigerator repair. Some companies don’t think that the clientele needs to be in the know regarding what’s going on with their appliance; however we believe that that couldn’t be further from the truth. When our clientele have at least some foundational knowledge of what’s happening they’ll feel more comfortable asking questions surrounding their restoration and they’ll feel better knowing that their appliance is in good hands. This added layer of transparency also allows them to feel good regarding the cost of their restoration, as they can be sure that their cost estimate will reflect only the job at hand, without any miscellaneous fees or costs. 

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The one thing that’s just as critical as communication is the skill that our crew possesses in terms of their refrigerator repair procedures.  There’s a lot that goes into these restorations, so we like to ensure that our team members have had all the sufficient training needed to have a vast resource of knowledge at their disposal. Along with the prerequisite knowledge needed they also have to have all the right tools and gadgets at their disposal as well in order to be able to tackle your refrigerator repair effectively. With all these things in mind, we believe that our crews have the capabilities to approach any sort of problem they may face over the course of your repair, and quickly find a solution that’s both effective and time sensitive!