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Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair Services in Vancouver & Area

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Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair Services in Vancouver & Area

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Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair Services in Vancouver & Area

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Cooktop Repair

Cooktop Repair Services in Vancouver & Area

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Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair Services in Vancouver & Area

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Oven repair, range repair and stove repair

Oven repair, range repair and stove repair in Vancouver & Area

Vancouver Bosch Appliance Repair


If the washing machine or refrigerator stops working, the range doesn’t heat up, or the washing machine does not drain water - don’t hesitate to call us! In the service center, you can order repair and maintenance of household appliances of various types. Departure of the master at home is an opportunity to save your money and time. You will not have to spend money on the transportation of devices around the city and wait for the results of the repair for a long time. Our specialist will arrive at a convenient day and at the appointed time, and all work will be carried out in one visit, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown.

One of the fastest Vancouver service centers, "Vancouver appliance repair", well-known to consumers, provides its clients with a wide range of services in terms of repair and maintenance of household appliances or electronics. Our specialists constantly improve their professional level by participating in training, which allows us to provide high quality service in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and customer requirements.

Bosch appliance repair only by professionals.
A professional technician clearly knows what he is doing, will correctly diagnose, advise the client about the problem, agree on the amount of repair and perform the necessary work quickly and efficiently, then give recommendations on the operation of the equipment and write out a receipt.

Before starting work, a home appliance repairman must accurately determine the cause of the breakdown. It is impossible to draw conclusions only on the basis of external signs of breakdown. Judge for yourself: there may be no drainage of water in the washing machine, either due to a pump breakdown or due to a blockage in the system. The refrigerator may not turn on if the start relay, compressor or control module fails, but a damaged power cable may also be the cause of the problem. One symptom is different breakdowns. Therefore, before starting repair work, our employees must carry out diagnostics of devices. Having determined the cause of the problem, the master will be able to voice the list of necessary work and their exact cost.

In addition to filling out an application on the website or by phone, no action is required on your part - the craftsmen will come to repair household appliances at home, and will bring everything that is necessary for work

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